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Lift6 is a market strategy consultancy. Although formally established in 2015, our team members have been active in Saskatchewan's business community and consumer markets for many years. As an accomplished group of senior professionals, we provide a range of business, marketing, and communications services. Our previous adventures comprise innovative marketing initiatives; large-scale change projects; product launches; sales channel programs, and business development initiatives. We find that the most successful projects are developed collaboratively with our clients. Whether mobilizing a promising idea, identifying a fuzzy problem, or implementing a new program – we prefer to work with you in developing the solution and we have ability to support the execution of our strategic work. What sets us apart is that we have first-hand experience driving and delivering initiatives externally as consultants – AND – internally as leaders in large companies. We get the pressures, politics, and constraints that you operate within . . . because we've been there. We find that the most successful projects are developed collaboratively with our clients. We are staunchly focused on your customer and we approach your business with the same dedication, enthusiasm and accountability as if it were our own.

Our Services

Sales Enablement

Sell.  Support.  Succeed.

Business Strategy

Guiding successful businesses.  It's what we do.

Marketing Strategy

Who's got time for all those P's?  We do.

Communications Strategy

Lost in translation?  Let us map it out.

Creative Services

Feeling viral?  We've got your medicine.

Customer Experience

Customers talk.  We'll make sure it's flattering.

Our Team



Founding Partner


Founding Partner


Founding Partner


Founding Partner


Efficiency Wins!!

I’m going to argue in this post that efficiency wins when it comes to being a successful marketing firm in our present day. By efficiency, I’m talking about end-to-end, across […]

Saskatchewan is Booming!

Saskatchewan is Changing, Your Business Needs to Change Too

Saskatchewan’s economy is booming and the make up of the people who live here is changing. In the last 10 years, Saskatchewan has gone from a “have-not” to a “have” […]

A Brand Isn't Just a Logo

Your Brand Isn’t Just Your Logo

When most people hear the word “brand”, they think of the logo that comes with it, whether it be Coke, Starbucks, Nike or any of hundreds of other easily recognizable […]

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